Welcome to the Academic Wing of PGP!

Traditionally PGP Electronics had a strong relationship with the education sector. Over the years PGP Electronics has noticed that there exists a gap between Industry and Institute. To bridge the gap between Industry and Institute PGP Electonics has started their acdemic wing. The academic wing cater this segment in three ways, by conducting workshops, by organising an unique program called MaC, Manuafcturing at Campus and by providing the students with an opportunity to work at Industry and fulfill their project requirement.

Workshops PGP Products

Through this program PGP Electronics conduct workshops at both the Institute and Industry. The students are subjected to practical work through this program. PGP Electronics has deisgned several workshops for this purpose. They are tailor made for the students.

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MaC Manuafacturing at Campus

This is a unique program, probably first of its kind around the world. The purpose of the program is to educate the students and undertake them through typical manufacturing environment. This is just a brief practical work experience for the students while they study.

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Internship/Project Internship for students

The technical students are required to under go through Industrial Training/Internship at Industry to compliment their theoretical knowledge with practical work. PGP Electronics well understood this requirement and have hence providing an opportunity to the students to fulfill this.

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