Solar Panel Data Analyser

PGP Electronics Pvt. Ltd. offers high quality Test Equipment for analysing the Solar Panel for their performance. This unit measures the Solar Power, displays the maximum power avaiable from the panel at the given light source. It also displays the maximum Voltage and Current data at the maximum power. This unit is a very handy and helpful to the Solar Panel manufacturer, Solar Power dealers and Solar Power Installers.

Maximum Power calculation from the Solar Panel
Simultaneous Display of Maximum Power, Peak Voltage and Peak Current at Maximum Power
16x2 LCD display for easy readability
Wide number of samples to provide better accuracy
Available in 3W, 5W, 10W, 20W and Universal Model 3 to 20W
Custom built order for higher wattage
Resolution : Current 0.001A, Power 0.01W, Voltage 0.1V
Operates on mains, 230V ac +/-15%, 50Hz,
Optional Battery Operated with Charger Provision

Product data sheet can be down loaded from here

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