DC Regulated Power Supply

PGP Electronics Regulated Power Supplies are robustically designed to withstand rugged operation. PGP Electronics manufactures both the Standard and Custom-built power supplies. The custom-built power supplies designed by PGP Electronics receive appreciation from the custoemrs. Some of the Custom built power supplies manufactured by PGP Electronics includes

4 Channel 0-400V/0-150mA Power supply
DC Regulated Power Supply 0-160V/0-10A
2 Chnnel 0-30V/0-@10A DC Regulated Power Supply
DC Regulated Power Supply 0-60V/0-10A, 0-30V/0-5A
DC Regulated Power Supply 0-30V/0-30A

Digital display for both output voltage and current
Output voltage range 0 to 30V , single or dual channel
Wide output current range 0-1A to 0-12A
Indefinite short circuit protection
Overload protection
Line regulation better than 0.01%
Load regulation better than 0.01%
Over load Indication
Fuse blown Indication

Product data sheet can be down loaded from here

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