Digital ac milli Voltmeter

PGP Electronics Digital AC Mill voltmeter is a very versatile and general purpose equipment for the measurement of low ac signals. It is useful in measuring low amplitude signals over a wide band of frequencies with precision. It has a wide band width and sensitivity is 10uV. This instrument is useful for all amplifiers/ audio system manufacturers, college laboratories to measure input/output of any amplifier as well as frequency response of that amplifiers.

Measures Voltages down to 20mV full scale
20mV full scale to 200 Volts full scale in five calibrated ranges
10 uV resolution
3 1/2 digit, LED display, digital read out
Wide frequency range
High input impedance ( ~ 1M ohm)
Over voltage protection, 300V DC + Peak AC in all ranges
Excellent stability and linearity
Operates on 230V ac mains

Product data sheet can be down loaded from here

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