Digital DC Nano Ammeter

PGP Electronics Digital DC nano Ammeter is a very versatile and general purpose equipment for the measurement of low DC current. It is a precision tool which provides a resolution of 100pA. This instrument finds application in all the electronic, electrical or physics laboratories wherever there is a need to measure the lower current range.

2000uA full scale to 200nA full scale in five calibrated ranges
Additional range with 10V fsr is provided for internal voltage readout
Internal voltage source from 0 to 10V with on board variable control
Offset adjustment to adjust the current or voltage range to zero position
Precision measurement with an accuracy of 0.2% of FSR
3 1/2 digit, LED Display, digital readout
Excellent stability and linearity
Operates on mains, 230V ac +/-15%, 50Hz

Product data sheet can be down loaded from here

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