AF Output Power Meter

PGP Electronics AF Output Power meter, model 3301 provides reliable measurement of Audio Frequency Output Power. The audio power output meter, measurable from 0.01mW to 30W in 12 decades. It is supplied with 10 different termination impedances with both balanced and un balanced inputs. The instrument is very useful to conduct students projects, design and test simple sub systems in laboratories. New improved design features provides reliable working even in adverse environments. This versatile bench top unit is useful in R & D, Education , Industry and Service applications.

Resolution 0.01mW ( -20dbm)
db Measurement -20dbm to +45dbm at 600Ohm Impedance
Power Accuracy +/- 3% of FSD in all ranges
10 different termination imepdances 3 to 600 Ohms
Impedence Accuracy better than +/- 5%
Balanced or Unbalanced input
Wide frequency range 20Hz to 100KHz
Fuse Protection is provided at both mains supply and input

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